June 3/17: Book Display for Orca Month Greater Victoria Public Library

Proclamation 2017

Thank you to Mayor Lisa Helps and Victoria City Council for the Second Proclamation of Orca Month in the City of Victoria!



Thank you to the Greater Victoria Public Library, Main Branch, for the space to set up the display! That is a Chinook salmon tail – Chinook is the SRKW’s favourite  food –  behind the books.

2017 06 03 Display top shelf

Beneath the Surface: John Hargrove, 2015

Orca, the Whale Called Killer: Erich Hoyt, 1981

Into Great Silence: Eva Saulitis, 2013

Death at Sea World: David Kirby, 2012

Killer Whales: John Ford, Graeme Ellis, Ken Balcomb, 1994

2017 06 03 Display mid shelf

Proclamation, Province of British Columbia, and City of Victoria

Orcas In Our Midst III: Howard Garrett, 2011

Spyhop photo credit: Alexandra Morton

Listening to Whales: Alexandra Morton, 2002

Three Brothers photo credit: Maria Chantelle Tucker (Peronino)

Marine Mammals of the Pacific Northwest: Pieter Folkens, 2001

Retire Lolita!

2017 06 03 Display mid shelf 2

Orca Chief: Roy Henry Vickers and Robert Budd, 2015

Canadian Mint,  Orca coin package, 2011

Canadian Geographic : Bruce Obee, 1992

Orca shirt: Orca Network, The Orca Project, Voice of the Orcas websites


2017 06 03 Display bottom shelf

Granny’s Clan: Dr. Sally Hodson, 2012

Orca temporary tattoo: Roger Purdue

Fragile Waters: 2014

Orcas In Our Midst II: Howard Garrett, 2004

Orca card: Sue Coccia

Orca design sweater: Cowichan knitters, 1994



2017 06 03 Display List To Whales

L pod orca Lolita Tokitae has been captive in a substandard tank since 1970. This, below, is her prison where she lives, instead of her ocean home, with her family and mother Ocean Sun, about 85,  who still swims by Victoria BC, and throughout  the family’s territory.  Come to FernFest June 17, and sign an individual letter to Miami Seaquarium, asking them – again – to do the right thing and let Lolita Tokitae return to her home waters in a sea pen, cared for by humans for as long as she wants that.


Lolita MSQ tank

Lolita Tokitae’s prison, Miami


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