Orcas “no threat to ecosystem”

August 2014

The Editor, Times Colonist:

Thanks for raising awareness of the highly intelligent transient and resident orcas. Sadly, Southern Resident fish-eating orcas have experienced two early deaths in L pod, leaving only 78 orcas in J, K and L pods. These are the family groups that have been the subjects of local whale watching for years.

Life is good for the transients right now. We are assured that the transients eating seals pose “no threat to the ecosystem” (Transient orca sightings, TC August 29). I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.


With 9 billion humans projected for 2040, and our worship of “growth”, the orcas and all marine life will experience increased pollution of the oceans and the negative effects of increasing ocean warming. The Residents are already experiencing diminished chinook availability (their favoured food species). Ever-increasing marine traffic impairs their communication and sonar bombardment by joint US and Canadian military exercises may cause serious injury to them.

We know where responsibility lies but continue to offload responsibility onto other species. Any imbalance in the coastal ecosystem has never and will never be due to the minds in the waters.

b and w